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Sand, Gravel, Mulch and Top Soil

1 inch gravel in Cincinnati, OH

1" Gravel

1" Gravel is one of our most popular aggregates. 
Common uses include:
French Drains
Backfilling retaining walls
Sand in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Fine (Masonry) Sand

Fine Masonry Sand is our best selling sand
Common uses include:
Brick sand, stucco sand, leveling sand for PAVERS, beneath above-ground-pools, sand boxes and much more.
mulch, dyed mulch, wood mulch, double shredded, premium mulch


Mulch is another great product carried at Western Hills Builders Supply. Sold to landscaping contractors and homeowners. Spruce up any yard with premium dyed mulch from Western Hills Builders Supply.
crushed limestone 411

Crushed Limestone

Crushed Limestone is an important product at Western Hills Builders Supply. Crushed limestone is used for basing in retaining walls, paver patios and many other uses.
Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand

Another Sand sold by W.H.B.S. for basing/leveling pavers, mixing with portland cement for stucco and many other uses.
57 Limestone, chips, Limestone

57 Limestone

One of our most popular gravels because of its versatile uses for its great compacting qualities due to its angular shape. We also sell for use behind retaining walls and permeable paver applications becuase it allows water to pass through it easily.
pea gravel

Pea Gravel

Among the many uses for pea gravel we commonly sell this product to concrete contractors for use beneath new concrete.
boulders, granite boulders, sandstone boulders


We sell a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors of landscaping boulders. Stop by and pick one out for your garden bed today. You could even get this whooping 5,450 pound boulder for your yard.

Shredded Topsoil

Sand and gravel offered in Cincinnati, OH
Silica (White) Sand
Creek Rock
Western Hills Builders Supply Company serving Cincinnati, OH's sand and gravel needs.

Whether you need simple fill sand or washed stone, Western Hills Builders Supply Company in Cincinnati, OH can provide you with all your sand and gravel needs. We provide an extensive variety of sand and gravel aggregates and can easily supply as much as your project requires. Western Hills Builders Supply Company is also ready to deliver your sand or aggregate anywhere it needs to go. Need a larger quantity of sand or gravel? No problem, Western Hills Builders Supply Company has the trucks to deliver enough product for even the most large scale projects. Our prompt delivery and complete stock insures that your important project will be completed on time.

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