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5 Reasons to Choose Firerock

In 2004 FireRock was founded with one goal – to build a better masonry fireplace than anything else on the market. Since that time, FireRock has proven a superior product in its design, function and durability. Here are five reasons why our product stands above and why you should choose FireRock for your next project.

        3x stronger than the competitionFireRock fireplaces are 3x stronger than the leading competitor and are less likely to suffer wear and tear or damage during initial transit.
        True openings — 42” means 42”The dimensions after installing the firebrick is the true finished opening size. Knowing this, we created a fireplace with true finished opening sizes, so when you order a 42” fireplace from FireRock, the opening size when completely installed will be exactly 42”. This makes planning much easier for architects, interior designers, builders and installers.
    Improved draw & reduced smoke spillage FireRock improved two engineering elements of the common masonry fireplace – a curved radius lintel combined with a larger, 15” flue. Together these improve draw and minimize the risk of smoke spillage. 

Patented one-piece chimney system for easier installation FireRock’s chimney is a patented, one-piece system with built-in nesting feature on each chimney block to help ensure the blocks stack up straight and are secure. 

   Angled back wall for better heat reflection & traditional lookFireRock offers a unique option of an angled back wall. This has a more traditional, hand-crafted look with its symmetrical trapezoidal shape. It also improves heat reflection as the heat bounces off the back wall and enters the room. 
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