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Brixment Mortar Colors Brochure

Brickcraft Campfire Brick
Mortar makes a big difference in the appearance of your home. With regular sized brick it is about 15% of what people see when they look at your home. The picture to the left has regular Type "N" mortar and the picture below is showing Brixment "Old Colonial", and a slight color difference can really alter the overall look. 
coal slag, sandblasting, sand, blast,

Sand Blasting aggregate

An economical sandblasting aggregate used to remove paint, rust, or other materials.
white portland cement, ground marble, marcite


Marcite is a mix of marble dust and white portland to finish pools.
Calcium chloride, rock salt, halite

Calcium Chloride Pellets and Safe-T-Salt

Another delivery of bagged goods made by W.H.B.S.
Federal White Portland Cement

White Portland Cement

We also have white portland cement in stock and ready for delivery.

Brickcraft Harvard
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